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what is it?

dianabol is the brand name of the first modern mass produced anabolic steroid tablets (pills), prepared not dr. ziegler (doctor of the united states cycling team) and first manufactured by ciba. the dianabol was very popular, and some athletes are the most effective for the program of all time. the active ingredient of the dianabole is methandienone / methandrostenolone. ciba has stopped production of this product a long time ago, but it is in the manufacturers in eastern europe and in asia, as well as a generic drug in different names.

what are the benefits?

the dianabol has anabolic effects are very strong muscle growth in a short period of time. this is possible due to the synthesis of proteins and retention of water. the effects of androgens are also very good, is it, uh, dianabol is aromatise easily (he converted in high estrogen).

what are the side effects?

the retention of water, due to the operation is it, uh, dianabol can lead to high blood pressure. the aromatization may cause gynecomastia and other complications are related to high levels of estrogen in the body. the dianabol is liver toxicity. lesions of the liver are, for the most part, reversible, and dependent on the duration and intensity of treatment dose). women should not use due to its significant components dianabol androgens. acne vulgaris is a common side effests.

what use is that?

the dianabol is taken orally twice a day with a meal. the usual dose is 15 to 45 mg / day, it should be pointed out that the stress on the liver increases with increasing doses in excess of 20 g per day. body building stackent fluent dianabol with steroid injection as a trace on the syringes was deca durabolin. a typical cycle lasts for 10 weeks. the high conversion rate of oestrogen in the body can be taken of both tamoxifen and proviron.

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