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How do i know if i'm using the right steroids product?

How do i know if i'm using the right steroids product?

When people think of steroid testing, they often think of professional athletes. Although professional athletes have been tested, more and more steroid testing has been applied to amateur sports, including in high school. Although only a few states have tested their high school students, it turns out that this wastes more time and resources than any other state; we will be discussing it. Although it lost some momentum in the high school stage, it is only through testing that it can be understood that synthetic steroids have become the number one public enemy in the United States.

Cost of steroid testing:

Although general drug testing is fairly inexpensive, the cost of steroid testing is higher. A basic urine analysis test costs an average of $200 per test. When you do this test for the entire team, especially many times a year, the amount spent will be very high. Countries that have implemented such tests, such as TX, spend up to $3 million a year to fund projects that have produced more than trivial results. A state like Florida also sees this huge cost a huge waste; in 2009, only one of the 600 tests was positive.

The truth is simple, children of any age do not need to use synthetic steroids, the risk is too great. However, it is not that much; in all the recreational drugs that are often mentioned, synthetic steroids are useless on maps, compared to drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and analgesics. It is estimated that the number of children using synthetic steroids is 2-4%, most of which are in the 16-17 age group; in turn, the number of children using cannabis is more than 30% as much as alcohol, and alcohol is a proven more dangerous substance.

Steroid testing and professional sports:

There is no doubt that professional sports is the king of propaganda because it involves steroid testing; NFL and MLB are the most important examples. The cost of these tests can increase rapidly; in the NFL, players must conduct at least 5 random tests per year; to be honest, despite the high cost of testing, it is easy to beat. Due to government pressure, these professional sports are increasingly being criticized for forcing them to conduct more tests and more tests. However, once again, no one really cares and frankly no one should.

Why the steroid test was defeated:

Don't get me wrong, many people do these small tests every day. In the United States alone, it is estimated that at least 6 million adults use synthetic steroids each year. Although many of these people are not athletes, the steroid tests they receive are just a joke. Frankly, if you have a functional brain and you want to use a performance-enhancing drug and you know you will be tested, you can beat the test almost every time. No, there is no absolute guarantee that things will happen, but the possibilities are great. The key, though a few, is simple:

Know the drugs you use

Understanding half-life

Educate yourself in the era of testing

Use a performance enhancer that is largely undetectable.

You may have discovered the last one that is of particular interest, no, your eyes are not teasing you. Some synthetic steroids, better yet, no matter which type of steroid test you are accepting, steroid delivery methods are completely undetectable.

End Game:

The truth is simple, no matter how much you hope it is not true, the truth is reality. Athletes use steroids, and many athletes use steroids because of this, many people use synthetic steroids during the period. In track and field, because it involves testing and discussion here, we mean those who are rewarded on the basis of performance, and they will do their utmost to ensure that their performance is doing their best. For this reason and for this reason, drugs that synthesize steroids alone and improve overall performance will always be part of sports and society as a whole. You may hate this fact; it depends on which side you are on; you may ask for a stricter and better steroid test, but this is not a problem, athletes will find ways to get around it every time; they have been insisting for many years.

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