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Basic facts and side effects of steroids

Basic facts and side effects of steroids

"Anabolic steroids" depends on who you are, you just ran into your legs with excitement, fear entering your mind, or hating your heart; the topic of anabolic steroids and steroids can produce a lot in most individuals Emotions, and depending on the individual's position, are not only emotional. The truth is different, and so is the truth. As is common in human history, when a person makes up his mind about a topic, the facts are meaningless, and because it is related to steroids, we are no exception.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most misunderstood topics in ignorance, lies and general fear on earth. Half true and half fake, scare tactics, beautify horror stories, you have heard of them all, but where is the truth of lies? Let us be clear, very clear, there is truth, there are absolute synthetic steroid facts, can not be controversial, we will present these steroid facts here and now.

Basic carcass facts:

Hormone testosterone is present in both men and women, although men are higher. This is the same naturally occurring hormone in the body, most of which are derived from anabolic steroids. When we use synthetic steroids, we are introducing synthetic substances into our bodies, those that reflect naturally occurring synthetic substances; inferring that we are introducing foreign compounds into the human body is a lie; we cannot classify synthetic steroids into methane or cracking acid The category or minor. The understanding of carcass facts about silicon carbide should be easy to understand.

A common problem is that I can get something from synthetic steroids. The answer is simple:

Increased muscle mass

Increased strength

Sexual impulse increase

Increase endurance

Stronger happiness

Low level of body fat

Energy increase

Increased aggression

As you can see, these are very positive attributes, and through responsible use, we end with positive influences and never enter negative domains, but often when steroids are discussed, this truth is partially Stay in the trash.

The facts and side effects of steroids:

When discussing the facts of steroids, it is impossible to take a responsible attitude if you do not admit that there may be negative side effects, just like Tylenol, aspirin, cough syrup, asthma medication, etc. There is no guarantee; in addition, you understand the type of synthetic steroid you use, as well as the time and dosage used, which will greatly affect your chances of negative side effects. The most common side effects of steroid hormones include:



High cholesterol


Hair loss

Testicular atrophy

Male gynecomastia

Deepening of vocal music (women)

Clitoris enlargement (women)

Body hair growth

Stunting (children)

Of all these side effects, male anabolic steroids are only guaranteed to have testicular atrophy, but once stopped, it reverses itself. The remaining possible anabolic steroid side effects are 100% avoidable or completely remedy in most cases, and if they do show up because it involves side effects, these are steroidal facts.

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