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Introduction to Growth Hormone Somatropin

Introduction to Growth Hormone Somatropin

Bodybuilding and growth hormone

Growth hormone preparations have been used for medical purposes for the first time, but are now widely used in sports because they rapidly reduce fat mass and increase muscle volume, and also reduce the need for recovery time between treatments.

The Olympic Committee in 1989 recognized growth hormone stimulants and banned use. But in recent years its sales have increased several times. Growth hormone is widely used in bodybuilding, anabolic and other additives, thereby improving training efficiency.

Geotropin - the only substance that forms new muscle cells and then allows you to train them. Growth hormone promotes protein synthesis, leads to muscle cell hypertrophy, increases muscle elasticity, and reduces muscle mass in athletes. Improves body shape - reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat and increases the athlete's lean body weight - making growth hormone so popular and attractive.

As human growth hormone increases breath and metabolism, athletes feel more active and fat mass is reduced. The athlete's weight is obtained at the expense of growth hormone, which is only muscle. Weight gain is slower than taking steroids, about 1.5-2 kg per month. When receiving steroid hormones, it is primarily dialed due to increased fluids in the body, while muscles are only set when receiving growth hormone. Another growth hormone burns fat and receives the necessary energy. In this regard, builders cannot limit their food, and weight gain is only due to muscle mass, but not through fat tissue.

Growth hormone and its role is to reduce the amount and frequency of damage, which is linked to growth hormones to strengthen tissues such as bone and connective tissue (cartilage, ligaments, tendons). Therefore, the recovery rate and healing rate of the tissue after trauma are improved.

In various experiments, it was found that the use of growth hormone had no effect on strength gain and endurance, even slightly reducing the fatigue threshold and slowing recovery. These factors make growth hormone ineffective and useless for athletes who exercise, and these indicators are important.

Brand name of drug growth hormone (growth hormone)

Growth hormone is produced in licensed factories in China. Each bottle is strictly 10 units of growth hormone. The purity is not less than 96%. The unique packaging design was developed in Russia.

The kit includes: 10 bottles of Qualitative Growth Hormone, 10 bottles of syringes, Pakro, Germany (very high quality surgical needles and laser sharpening), 10 bottles of alcohol swabs, Hartmann, Germany (the world's leading supply of medical and health products) Business), 10 bottles of water for injection

Today, it is not only in Russia, but also a very sophisticated device in the world. The outer part of the package is made of a very dense material that does not deform during transport. Inside the package, a special medical material not only prevents the bumps and bumps of the drug, but also keeps it cold in the refrigerator after a few hours.

Release form

Each ampule contains: Somatropin (recombinant human growth hormone) 10 IU.


The effect of growth hormone increases with increasing daily dose. For adults who are initially on growth hormone, the optimal dose is 5ED per day, divided into 2,5ED doses for morning and evening injections.


The duration of growth hormone (growth hormone) should not be shorter than two months to achieve a stable effect, the best period - three or four months. The maximum duration of the drug is a 10ED safe dose and is not installed daily.

Storage time

Valid until September 2019. Store at 2° to 8°C.

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