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Who we are
Mission & Goals
Key Highlights
"Meeting the demand of customers" is our motto. We are confident to be your preferred outsourcing partner.
Custom  Synthesis 

We cooperate with other firms in custom manufacturing and prepared to execute customers highly specialized synthesis.It can be performed on the basis of the customer's specification.We have fully integrated system of production facilities designed for manufacture of APIs and intermediates.

With spirit of classic service,we sincerely welcome your positive development with valuable interest to build up more and more long-term fruitful cooperation together.

Reaction Type

Reaction capabilities involce multi-step synthesis,hydrogenation,nitration,bromination and so on.

* Cyanation
* Nitration
* Bromination
* Sulphonation
* Fluorination
* Acetylene reacions
* Hydrazine reacions
* Friedn-crafts reacion
* Chiral synthesis



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